ONOSTAMPI is a company with a staff of thirty people, that has designed and produced technical moulds for thermoplastic materials, since 1972. ONOSTAMPI can carry out testing, on thermoplastic injection moulding in its department, and provides internal metrological certification of the moulded part.

Our design office has four 3D CAD workstations, and the testing department has 6 presses, with tonnage that goes from 40 to 400 tonnes, dedicated to testing the moulds and to producing pre-series for those customers that need them.

However, ONOSTAMPI is not a supplier, but a partner you can turn to during the planning phase; our customers’ problems are our problems, and our goal is to solve them by collaborating and examining the various solutions together.

For reasons of confidentiality, we prefer not to list the companies we have worked and still work for, but we can assure you that our clientele is made up of companies that are leaders in their sectors:

Medical, Cosmetic, Electronics Industry, Packaging, and others.

In this respect, we are willing to sign bilateral confidentiality contracts, to protect our clientele.

You can request a visit by us; for cost estimates, send your drawings and technical specifications to our email address: